Landco’s 2015 Summer Luxe in Digital Fashion Week Manila

January 4, 2016

Digital Fashion Week Manila writes:

Luxe Living Last April 2015, Landco celebrated its 25th year as a top luxe lifestyle purveyor with a leisurely weekend at Club Punta Fuego. Media partners were pampered with sumptuous feasts prepared by the club’s General Manager, Mikel Arriet Arruiz, and indulgent massages at the spa. The event’s highlight was a fashion show directed by Luis Espiritu. Dubbed “Summer Luxe,” models from Mercator paraded in clothes and accessories provided by Seek the Uniq, Mia Arcenas, Joanique,Jewelmer, S.C. Vizcarra, Fino Leatherware and Rayban. Set against Punta Fuego’s golden beach side view, it was a fitting celebration of Landco’s signature brand of leisure living.

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