Great Retirement Properties for Overseas Filipinos

January 6, 2017

Knowing a little bit more about what the Philippine real estate market offers will enable overseas Filipinos to choose the best retirement property for them

One of the Philippines’ greatest assets is its resources and surroundings. Coupled with a cost of living that is relatively less expensive than that of some other countries, it is easy to understand why the country is a preferred retirement destination. This still holds true even for Filipinos who have left for overseas employment, or were born or raised in another country after migrating.

Many overseas Filipinos opt to return not only to get the most value out of their retirement fund, but to live close to family while rediscovering the joy and benefit of living back in their homeland. Being away for some time, however, it may be a little challenging to choose where and what type of place in the Philippines to retire to as the country does indeed have plenty to offer.

Beach or Waterfront Properties
A decidedly tropical country, beach or waterfront homes are what often come to mind as retirement properties in the Philippines. This is expectedly so, as it is difficult to deny the lure of living within distance of beaches designated as some of the best in the world. Something of a downside, however, is that many beach locations are far from the city, and the lack of convenience may be something retirees coming from foreign cities may find difficult to become accustomed to.

Playa Azalea Great Retirement Properties for Overseas Filipinos

Playa Azalea, luxury seaside community in Island Garden City of Samal, Davao del Norte. Photo via Landco Pacific Corp.

Fortunately, as developers have focused on projects outside Metro Manila, waterfront properties have seen a significant share in the development. Landco experts in luxury living, and is one of several developers placing a concentrated effort on waterfront development. Through its Landco Shores segment, overseas Filipino retirees have access to luxury seaside living that feature comprehensive premiere amenities.

Leisure Home with Mountain Views and Locations
Albeit difficult to believe, not everyone wants to retire just by the beach. While the summer is almost perpetual in the Philippines, there is more to it than just beach living, as evidenced by its numerous mountain ranges. Among the many high-altitude areas to reside in in the Philippines include Baguio City, Tagaytay, Batanes, and Kidapawan, all of which have had their share of leisure developments.

Terrazas de Punta Fuego Great Retirement Properties for Overseas Filipinos
The beach and mountain views of Terrazas de Punta Fuego. Photo via Landco Pacific Corp.

Batangas, however, may stand out a little bit for the overseas Filipino retiree. Along with a beautiful seaside, the locale is also within view of the Batangas Mountains, which made it the ideal location for leisure developments, one of which is Terrazas de Punta Fuego. One of Landco’s “Peaks” properties, the community is made for the outdoorsy retiree, as homes in it offer majestic twin views of the Batangas mountain range and the West Philippine Sea (South China Sea).

Residence in Luxury Communities
Suburban living is something that many long-time overseas Filipinos may get accustomed with, so living in a gated suburb would expectedly be a consideration as a retiree comes back to the Philippines. While in the past it was only subdivisions major cities that offered this type of residence, Philippine developers have pushed the community concept to different heights.

The Courtyard Great Retirement Properties for Overseas Filipinos

Clubhouse of The Courtyard, a golf estate ideal for suburban overseas Filipinos retiring in Cabanatuan City. Photo via Landco Pacific Corp.

This includes Landco, which under its Lando Parks segment, has established comprehensive luxury communities going beyond the typical outside the city locations. Developments like The Courtyard at Lakewood City in Cabanatuan, Waterwood Park in Baliuag Bulacan and WoodGrove Park in San Fernando Pampanga provide overseas Filipino retirees with world-class amenities of a gated community.

This article was sponsored by Landco Pacific Corp.

Landco Peaks, Landco Shores, and Landco Parks are the development segments of Landco Pacific Corp., a real estate developer specializing in leisure communities (Peaks), resort-inspired condominiums (Shores), and luxury home communities (Parks). For over 25 years, the company has consistently pioneered innovative and outstanding lifestyle products that revolutionize the way people live.

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