Property Consultant

October 30, 2017

Job Requirements:
• Preferably college degree holder or at least two years in college
• Good communication skills
• A wide social network
• Able to meet deadlines
• Excellent negotiation skills

Job Description:
• Conducts client presentation,
• Performs office & site tripping / manning,
• Reports to the Sales Manager,
• Reports to the office whenever required,
• Submits livelist reports on time,
• Meets the required Standard Measeurement of Activities
• Efficient delivery of sales target,
• Responsible for after sales client calls and follow-ups,
• Collection of check payments for turn-over to Prime Leisure Inc. (PLI) exclusively,
• Delivers to PLI the signed Contract to Sell
• Provides assistance to clients with ownership, membership or village concerns,
• Completes documentary requirements, including the Buyer Information Sheet (BIS), and,
• Other responsibilities as may be assigned by Landco Pacific Corp or any of its authorized representatives from time to time.

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