About Paymaya

Welcome to PayMaya!

Thank you for choosing PayMaya, your all-in-one payments card!
With your PayMaya card, you can pay online, swipe to shop and dine, and tap to ride the trains.

Tap to Ride

Ride the LRT/MRT with just a tap.

Pay Online

Buy anything you want online from apps to games, to flights to music, to clothes!

Swipe to shop & dine

Use your card to pay you shop at your favorite stores or dine anywhere. Visa is accepted.


Do more with PayMaya!

Download the FREE app and upgrade your PayMaya account!

Send money

Send money to your family and friends or to anyone with the PayMaya app.

Withdraw money

Widthdraw funds from Bancnet ATMs locally or VISA Plus ATMs abroad.

View activity list

Link your PayMaya card to your PayMaya app so you can view your card transactions.

Pay bills

Pay your utility bills through the app.

Buy airtime load

You can buy call & text packages, and data packages** at the PayMaya Shop inside the app.

*Available when you upgrade
**Only Smart and Talk N' Text load and call & text packages are available at the moment.

Welcome to PayMaya!

STEP 1:Activate

Text ACTIVATE [space] Card ID Number [space] First Name/Last Name
to 29290 7969

Wait for a text confirming the activation

*The Card ID# is the number found at the bottom part of the card.

STEP 2:Load Up

Load you beep™ wallet at the ticket booths or vending machines at the LRT/MRT.

Load your PayMaya account through our partners.

Wait for a text confirming the activation

*Available soon! Visit www.paymaya.com/loadup-centers for the complete list of PayMaya Load Partners

**Selected branches only

STEP 3:Pay Anywhere

Use your card to pay online or shop anywhere Visa is accepted!

Wait for a text confirming the activation

Upgrade your PayMaya account!

Send money to friends and enjoy ATM widthdrawals by tapping "Upgrade for FREE" in the app.

Visit www.paymaya.com/upgrade for more details.

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(Formerly Smart eMoney, Inc.)