Paralegal Officer

October 30, 2017

Job Requirements:
• Must be a holder of Bachelor of Laws degree from a reputable law school.
• With at least 2-3 years of relevant work experience in a reputable law firm or Legal Department of a private corporation, having relevant work experience in contract reviews/drafting, litigation, preparation of court pleadings & documents, and liaison work before government agencies.
• Must be competent in legal writing, with excellent oral and written communication skills.
• Resourceful, self-motivated, team-player and with strong work ethics.
• Willing to travel for out-of-town liaison work, hearings or meetings, preferably with own vehicle for use.
• Willing to work on extended working hours.

Job Description:
• LITIGATION: (a) Attends to all cases pending or filed by/against the company before HLURB and other administrative agencies; (b) Monitors case status and makes periodic report of the same to CAD head; and (c) Prepare pleadings, papers, and/or documents necessary related to pending cases
• Reviews and legal assessment of assigned contracts, draft agreements, and other legal documents.
• To assist the Legal Head in review and checking of all collection and cancellation notices endorsed by Credit and Collection Department, in relation to the cancelled delinquent accounts, including waivers and quitclaims, and such other papers and/or documents related to the company’s cancellation and forfeiture processes
• To provide assistance to the Community Development Unit as to matters related to licensing and project registration concerns, should it be necessary in times of urgency
• Facilitates all legal documentation of the Company regarding matters affecting the Company and/or Department
• Closely coordinates with the Legal Head & other lawyers as regards all other functions of the Department
• Prepares such other papers and/or documents, including drafting of letters, notices, replies, among others, which may be addressed to different agencies, government or private, as may be requested by the different departments of the Company.
• Reviews, revise, or draft, if necessary, different forms of contracts, memoranda, agreement, among others, as may be endorsed by the different departments of the Company.
• Whenever necessary, conducts legal research and due diligence to ensure the Company’s compliance with relevant laws and regulations
• Assist the Legal Head and other lawyers in legal and/or operational matters affecting the Department
• Performs such other functions and duties as may be assigned and/or endorsed by the Legal Head or the other different departments of the Company in relation to legal matters affecting the Company and/or its officers and employees.

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