Junior Geodetic Engineer

March 8, 2018

Job Requirements:
• Must be a graduate of BS Geodetic Engineer
• Must be knowledgeable in Land surveying
• Must be knowledgeable in Land Surveying instruments such as: Auto Level, Total Station, GPS, etc.
• Must have knowledge in using mapping software such as Autocad (GE Survey), ArcGIS or QGIS
• Good communication skills in both written and oral
• Fresh graduates & Under board are encouraged to apply

Job Objective:
The job aims to provide support on project management specifically concerning locations, boundaries and real properties on the different land development projects of the company. The job also checks on land surveys and redevelops survey returns prepared by our previous contractors and other Geodetic Engineers. And also, it provides and produces new survey returns for the development of the company’s existing projects.

Job Description:
• Conducts property surveys such as: relocation survey, topographic survey, as-built survey, construction survey and project control survey on all LANDCO Projects.
• Creates and generates survey returns for the approval of consolidation and/or subdivision of lots for all LANDCO projects
• Provides technical support on site regarding property and lot location issues
• Interprets and process data gathered on site
• Generate survey reports on different real property issues and problems
• Act as the Chief of Party during different property surveys
• Conduct site inspections on tasks done by our own survey team

Working Conditions:
• Must be able to work on the office as well as on site
• Must be able to do extended work especially on site

Physical Requirements:
• Physically fit to work.

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